Jonathan Gilstrap

Multifamily Sector Outlook Remains Steady in Early 2018

While the start of 2018 remains strong, rumors of market corrections persist. Is now the time to consider strategic but sensible capital improvements?

Long-Term Buy Opportunities in Retail Sector

Retail real estate metrics remain positive in early 2018. So much so that attractive long-term buy opportunities can still be found despite the rise of eCommerce.

Taxing Jurisdictions Feign Restraint in Wake of Legislative Scrutiny

Texax Capital Building

As appraisal districts try to assess at market value, taxing entities get to ride the wave of historic appreciation while claiming they don’t raise taxes.

Notice: Hurricane Harvey Claims Need to Be Filed by August 31st

Hurricane Harvey

If any of your commercial real estate in southeast Texas was damaged by Hurricane Harvey, consider filing a Notice of Claim with your insurance company before August 31, 2017.

A Tale of Two Cities: Multifamily Growth in DFW and Houston

Access strategies for optimizing existing assets to meet revenue targets and maintain asset values during turbulent markets.